Cupcake Camp LA: Bakespace hosts for Good Cause


On Saturday November 20 Bakespace hosted Cupcake Camp LA at the Music Box Theater in Hollywood. People were lined up a half hour before the start of each tasting session in anticipation of cupcake treats. There were over twenty bakers with trays and trays of cupcake creations. Each person was given four tickets and a four holder cupcake carrier. People hustled all around the theater gazing at and selecting their cupcakes. Bakespace was offering free frosting tastings (the best part of any cupcake) and kids were allowed to decorate their own cupcake on the stage.

I chose a rainbow cupcake topped with buttercream frosting. The rainbow cupcake was unique and was wonderful to look at. Next I selected the pink lemonade cupcake crowned with vanilla frosting presented by Cait’s Cakes. I also grabbed an elegant looking vanilla cupcake with perfectly swirled frosting tinged with yellow and decorated with a gold leaf by Temptations Cupcakes. Not to be passed up was a festive chocolate and pumpkin cupcake.

Cupcake Camp LA was filled to capacity with cupcake lovers fawning over every baker set-up. The Music Box Theater, with its glamorous 1920s décor, would have been a great location but all the cupcake fans kept jostling and bumping into and it made the whole experience of Cupcake Camp LA a rather harried affair. However, if you are an amorous lover of cupcakes, the crowd would only have been a minor distraction. Cupcake Camp LA was an excellent way to discover LA bakers and their delectable treats. Next time it is in town, don’t miss it.

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