Pixar’s Amazing Work: It Gets Better [VIDEO]


Pixar is famous for its work.  The Toy Story trilogy.  The IncrediblesWall-E, Up, Finding Nemo, Ratatouille, Monsters, Cars and more.  The studio doesn’t just make amazing, acclaimed, Oscar-winning movies.  They make human movies.  Stories that touch our soul,  that remind us to believe, that ask us to a chance; and when we trust them, they remind us that amazing things can happen 🙂

Today I’m asking for you to focus for one moment on one of the words above: humanity.

In the news recently, there was “gay bullying” and suicides of gay people.  Some of the reasons why changed from person to person, but the basic idea was despair.

The folks over at Pixar had to speak out.  The family, friends and associates, all of which happened to be gay/lesbian/homosexual, spoke candidly on camera.

The message they send: “It gets better.”

Please watch.  It’s only 8 minutes of your life.  And please share it with a friend, regardless of their sexual orientation.  I feel the message is universal.