Screenwriting Teacher John Truby Issues Holiday Challenge: 1000 Fans by Black Friday [CONTEST]


Over the past few months, many of screenwriting teacher John Truby‘s fans have found him on Facebook and Twitter.  Now he’s encouraging even more fans to join.  Starting today and lasting until Friday, Nov 26 Truby is hosting “1000 fans by Black Friday” contest with savings worth $100s of dollar.

To join the contest, simply invite your Facebook friends to fan Truby Writer’s Studio.  If 1000 fans join by Black Friday Nov 26, there will be a big sale at for all fans.

But everyone’s a winner! Just for participating, everyone who fans, friends and suggests to others will receive a one-hour class of Truby’s Techniques FOR FREE.

Black Friday discounts on all Truby software, books, classes!  Hundreds of dollars in savings!  Holiday shopping for your friends and family!

Truby tweets daily and holds discussions on his Facebook fan page offering an exclusive fan experience that Hollywood professionals rarely allow.  The tweets offer daily tips, suggestions and help. Regularly they are re-tweeted dozens of times throughout many time zones around the world.  The discussions often originate from current movies, fan questions and comments, and further details from the tweets.

John Truby is regarded as the serious writer’s story coach and has taught his 22-Step Great Screenwriting and Genre courses to sold-out audiences.   Truby continues to serve as a story consultant to the major studios, including Sony Pictures, HBO, and Disney Studios.  Truby’s best-selling book The Anatomy of Story newly out in paperback, has received glowing reviews and is used as a textbook at film schools across the country.

To friend and follow Truby’s Writing Studio:

Truby’s Romance writing website
Truby’s Romance Facebook page
Truby’s  Romance Writing Twitter page

Truby’s SciFi writing website
Truby’s SciFi Facebook page
Truby’s  SciFi Writing Twitter page

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