Pepsi Refresh Contest Gives Hope to United Breast Cancer Foundation [VOTE]


The United Breast Cancer Foundation is committed to making a positive impact on the lives of those affected by and afflicted with breast cancer. United Breast Cancer Foundation (UBCF) provides financial support to women and their families, grants to hospitals researching a cure, and access to preventative and holistic therapies by never denying anyone service regardless of age, race, gender or income.  Video is below for more.

The United Breast Cancer Foundation needs support. But they’re not asking for your money. Nope.  They’re asking for about 10 seconds of your time. That’s it. Really.  See, Pepsi has their Pepsi Refresh Everything Project. They look for people, businesses and non-profits with ideas that will make a positive impact.  And United Breast Cancer Foundation was selected because it makes a positive impact.

Below, in their words, the UBCF explains what winning the Pepsi Refresh contest would provide the funding needed to:

-Keep our doors open! We are @ risk of shutting down our vital programs

-Ease financial stress on women & families affected by breast cancer.

-Treat client as a human being; supporting per specific circumstances

-Educate the public on the variety of breast screening technologies

-Providing immediate funds for breast screening & medical care costs

How Can YOU Help

Follow this link and vote for United Breast Cancer Foundation. See, it’s easy, right?  Now, please vote everyday for the rest of the month. Yes, everyday counts.  If you get lazy about it, think of your mom or your sister.  Look them in the eyes and tell ’em you got too lazy to help?  Then Tweet it.  Everyday.  Facebook it (your lady friends will take note and appreciate you.) Lastly, get your phone involved by texting 104131 to Pepsi (73774)  Your support is needed now, tomorrow and every day this month.


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