Last-Minute Halloween Help [MUSIC]


We get it, don’t worry.  You’re hung over.  And that’s just from the pre-Halloween parties.  But now it’s Halloween.  You’re spent.  Your body currently consists of chocolate and vodka.  You’re options are the big party and maybe an after-party, or maybe just one or two of the smaller parties and get some sleep.  Or the truly suburban option of staying home to patronize trick-or-treaters and maybe score a hot single parent in-route.

Each are tempting in their own magical way.  So, rather than make that decision for you, we’re here to offer accoutrements which can supplement the earbuds of anyone who crosses your ghoulish path.


Get the party started with Halloween on Slacker Radio. We cracked open the crypt to bring you the most terrifying tunes this side of the graveyard. You’ll hear creepy classics, freaky film scores and eerie effects to put a chill in your bones.


Not the best.  At least not when we sampled it.  But the beauty is that others can add and share their music making it not just an eclectic mix, but also a constantly changing playlist.  If you’re looking for a audio pot luck, this maybe be you choice du jour.


We love us some Pandora, and today is no exception.  Since “the big P” often takes your idea and flows wildly with it, not every choice is a hit.  But it’s a nice, themed option with gives you good grooves, a good feel, and a constant supply to drink and party to!


If music isn’t enough.  If your Halloween necessitates some visuals, then of course you need a video site like Vevo.  The link will take you to a variety of music offerings.  Scary, creep, freaky.  All the things you need to get you Hween Nasty flow on!  Video sample is below.