KFC Colonel Sanders: It’s Almost Halloween


Halloween is this weekend and you don’t have a costume, do you?  Every lady friend you know is using the excuse to slutty-up.  And your game plan is to gawk at your fembots.  Yes.  Got it.  But you gotta dress as something.  Well KFC is willing to give you incentive.

Slap on a white goatee, my friend, because you could win a lifetime’s supply of KFC by dressing as Colonel Sanders. Specifically, the “Colonel’s Doublicious Double” contest is awarding a lifetime’s supply of the new Doublicious sandwich. More specifically (and accurately), they’re giving away $13,000 in the form of $5 KFC vouchers. Still interested?

But be warned, the rules prohibit photos that are sexually suggestive, obscene, violent, inclusive of alcohol or supportive of “any activities that may appear unsafe or dangerous.” What kind of lame-ass Halloween are we talking about here?

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