Innogive: Meet Peter Voss, Artificial Intelligence Innovator


At Innogive‘s conference, Peter Voss was introduced to give the group a feel for the near-future technology he is creating and how these innovations can help society.

Peter Voss is a very smart man with a gentle smile and burst of energy that is evident as he speaks and gives presence on stage.  He is an innovator and a scientist. His current mission is artificial general intelligence. In other words, creating a brain that can learn.

In the past, ANI (Artificial Narrow Intelligence) was born. Narrow AI can specialize in any one thing. It can be the best at anything: facial recognition, chemical engineering, or mastering a chess game. But it can only do that. No interaction, no engagement past that one role.

And that’s what changes with AGI (Artificial General Intelligence). See, with AGI the brain can learn multiple skills. within the same environment. One brain can master facial recognition, chemical engineering and a good game of chess.

The technology behind it has numerous values, and certainly not just in a scientific field. Robots that have conversational ability, superior customer service experiences, higher automation, and the ability to improve each skill over time.

Is the future of a strong humanity based on the intelligence of AGI?

Food, Water, and Materials; Disease, Health, and Patient Care; Energy and Environment; Education and Training; Social, Legal, and Moral Systems.

Each of the above programs are shown to benefit humanity, giving/sharing and the potential of a brighter future.

Well done, Mr. Voss.  And thank you.

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