DJ E.C. Twins taking over LA house music scene [VIDEO]


Marc Sean Blackham and Allister Blackham are two extremely busy musical talents on a mission to solidify house music in the US. They call themselves the E.C. Twins

The E.C. Twins are two ground breaking DJ’s creating and delivering amazing beats. It’s not just the beats that make the E.C. Twins so great; it’s their amazing performance when sharing their music with the world. I’ve been lucky enough to take part of the incredible energy the E.C. Twins radiates on their gigs. If you are in the same room, the same building, if you can even just hear the smallest beat from them, you cannot stand still. Their beats and their vibrant energy are what make the E.C. Twins great and your night memorable.

The E and C stands for Eye Candy, the name of a successful club they opened in the UK, one of many corners around the world they have been to sharing their music to fully packed clubs and events. Their music is setting standards from Europe to Los Angeles and the E.C. Twins does not seem to have any brakes whatsoever, they are planning on making a worldwide name for themselves. And so far, they are succeeding.

The twins are leaving their mark of the electronic music scene in Los Angeles. Catch them in Los Angeles at the most popular clubs such as Guys & Dolls, XIV and Drais.

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