Innogive Review: 2 days of Global Sharing, Innovation, Technology


For two late September days Innogive’s conference, sponsored by Mobile Cause and nestled in Pepperdine University’s hills above Malibu housed over 100 global creative thinkers, innovators and influencers looking to technology for answers to giving and sharing today’s problems, and predicting solutions for tomorrow’s problems.

Co-host Douglas Plank of Mobile Cause starts the event with words that rang more true as the event progressed, “We want to stretch you out of your comfort zones. Because that’s where true learning takes place.”

Over the next 48 hours, those 100-plus charities, non-profit organizations, belief/religion-inspired leaders and tech-savvy industrialists mixed and mingled. The group learned from industry leaders, inventors and social change experts.

This global group was inspired through artificial intelligent from inventor Peter Voss, social statistics from Ryan Scott, inspiration and lifestyle from Ken Barun of Samaritan’s Purse and Paull Young of Charity:Water. And of course, how technology can bridge disabilities and override stigma from Robin Horowitz.

Innogive presents scenarios that have happened and the heroes that solved them in attempt to teach the rest of us for the future. 2010 has happened. Innogive wants to demonstrate solutions for 2011 and raise optimism for 2012. The technology is being built, we want you to manage it. And MobileCause can bridge technology, innovation and help.

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