We should Fly More: Virgin Atlantic agrees and Tempts us [VIDEO]


We actually like to fly.  Traveling, seeing stuff, visiting our productions, meeting our clients.  it’s fun for us.  But we recognize there are plenty who don’t enjoy it.  Maybe Virgin Atlantic‘s newest commercial will help entice?  Full video is below.

Virgin Atlantic has just released its first-ever global TV ad, the dreamlike 90-second extravaganza includes the tagline, “Your airline’s either got it or it hasn’t.” When they say “it”, the experts wonder whether it’s the rock star pilots, runway model flight attendants and another other of the dozen sensational elements.

Flight attendants who float around doing somersaults and falling into milk baths. Virgin passengers, meanwhile, shimmy through metal detectors and dance with 20-foot-high forks spearing shrimp the size of Vespas. It’s certainly stylish. The music is a reworked version of Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good.”

Hat tip to Ad Freak.


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