Let me teach You how to Jerk [VIDEO]


There’s a movement that has spread, is spreading and will be continuing to spread across the nation. It’s a dance movement everyone wants to be taught and the term is jerkin’.

If you live in Southern California the chances are big that you have once or twice heard about this type of dance that took form in 2008 in Los Angeles. Jerkin gained popularity when the rap group New Boyz released their song ‘You’re A Jerk’. Audio Push later released ‘Teach Me How To Jerk’ which made it bigger and everyone was asking for someone to teach them how to jerk.

The dance is dominated by young males but the girls are with it as well. Now there’s much talk about how to dress to achieve the right look. Wear skinny jeans and lots of color that preferably doesn’t match whatsoever if you’re really going all in but be aware of receiving the side eye by some stating that skinny jeans are a bit too… skinny. It’s not just about the technique; you have to have the attitude! Add the right amount of confidence and you will be jerkin, at least somewhat. If you got the right style for it you have to live up to it. Now you should have the proper look, but if you still look like an uptight amateur there are hundreds of tutorials to watch on Youtube. Watch this video by the Audio Push, follow my guidelines and you will be having a good time loving your new swag.

Not knowing about jerkin is a shame if you live in SoCal. What is now new on the dance scene is the dougie. You want me to teach you how to dougie as well? Let me get back to you on that!


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