3DFF – What are you doing RIGHT NOW – 5 reasons to go to the 3D Film Fest in Hollywood


It’s a nice day out, so why aren’t you outside?  It’s too hot?  You’re too lazy?  There’s stuff on TV you wanna watch?  All reasonable answers, and yet I have a better idea for you.  Leave your house, walk down the street and go to the air-conditioned 3D Film Festival which is taking place in Hollywood (Sunset/Vine) right this very moment, through midnight tonight.

Did I at least pique your interest?  Awesome.  So, below are five silly, yet real reasons why you should motor on over.  And if it makes things easier to agree with, pretend I didn’t say “motor” just now.

5.  It’s reasonably-priced.

Do you like the word “free”?  Because most of it is.  And not just the “lesser” events.  Even the cool events are free.  You join their Facebook page, and you’re in life Flynn.  They may ask you for the special handshake as you enter the door, but that’s just because they happen to like how your freak flag flows and they want to be your newest friend. Really, they’re just that friendly.

4.  Make a New Friend

Or maybe several.  Or just meet girls who will like you because you, much like them, are into 3D.  And 3D is the new cool kid in school.  Hellooo?  Avatar?  Biggest movie ever?  That’s right, 3D is where the cool kids play now.  Slide on you Silverlake hipster hat, your Marchon passive lenses and make some history tonight.

3.  The Social Network is sold out.

It is, I checked.  Arclight and The Grove.  And we both know you’re not going to The Valley or crossing The 405 for it.  But to be real, no not all the showing’s are sold-out, but still don’t go tonight.  It’ll be there tomorrow through the Oscars.  3D Film Fest only has eight hours left.

2. Meet Hollywood people.

In the next 6 hours, David Arquette, Thomas Jane, director Alex Aja and Producers Mark Canton and Alix Taylor will all be hanging out. They’re a big deal.  One of them runs a studio that can greenlight your next movie, and two of them can star in it.

1.  ‘Cuz it’s 3D

Do you really need to ask this question?  Have you opened a newspaper lately (what are those? – oh, sorry), read blogs, browse your bookmarks, see the chats on Facebook and Twitter?  The talk is 3D.  Be a part of the conversation and meet others who are passionate, curious, confused by it or ready to conquer it.

So, let’s repeat some vital information.  You don’t have plans tonight.  And if you do, they’re probably not as fun as this.  So go to Hollywood 3D Film Fest instead.  It’s just about free.  You do have to go to their Facebook and fan them.  But then it really is free.  For realz.  It’s close by, at the LA Film School at the corner of Sunset and Vine.

Tickets are free for those who friend and follow 3D film fest.

To friend and follow the 3D Film Festival:

3D Film Festival’s website
3D Film Festival’s Facebook
3D Film Festival’s Twitter
3D Film Festival’s Linked in

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