Abbot Kinney Fest Review: Hot Day with Great People


It was one hot day, hundreds of activities to be a part of and thousands of people to share it with!  Sunday September 26th the Abbot Kinney Festival took place in charming Venice and it gave all it promised and then some.

This festival reeked with energy under the hot sun when thousands of people were enjoying all that the festival had to offer. People were taking interests in all the boots that were showing hand crafted items, art, jewelry, clothes, food and services. Along the streets beer gardens could be find where you could enjoy a beer relaxing in a sofa in the shadows while listening to one of the many stages of live music. At the same time the kids could have fun in the kids zone potting their own plants!

With environment and health being in focus many boots offered food or services in aspect of these two. Whole Foods, Wolfgang Puck and Popchips were brands there giving information and giveaways. Green print and designs were there, showing better methods of working with technology in terms of the environment.

So many things to view, take an interest in, people to interact with, and so much to learn! While learning you could enjoy and be a part of dancing or do some hula hoop in rhythm with the music. You could even bump in to one of our Hollywood stars such as Rihanna who were there taking a stroll at the 26th annual Abbot Kinney Festival of this year!

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