Thomas Jane reveals love of 3D, hosts Hollywood’s 3D Film Festival Sept 30-Oct 3


Thomas Jane hosts the 3D Film Festival this week in Hollywood from September 30 -October 3.  A wide range of films, events, and technology showcases — all things 3D.

Jane first pinged many radars with Boogie Nights, then catapulted from Deep Blue Sea to lead roles in 61 and TV’s Hung.  But none of the conversation we had made him nearly as giddy as when 3D came up. Who knew Ray Drecker was a proud tech geek?  Speaking with Thomas Jane is like playing a board game with a mischievous little boy. Depending on the move, he gets quiet and avoids eye contact, or starts to smirk and ends up with a wide grin that’s almost a giggle.

How his 3D Began

“When I first moved here in the ’80’s I was part of the Southern California Stereo Club, ” Jane boasts.  At the time, the group realized 3D wasn’t ready yet. It still had technical problems that caused poor storytelling and audience eye strain and fatigue. But Jane and his friends loved the visuals the art form created and believed there would be a time when the technology would be fine-tuned and ready for mass adoption.  Jane believes that time is now.

Dark Country

Nearly a decade ago, Jane found Tab Murphy’s story Dark Country and wanted to get it on the silver screen. They worked together for years developing the project into the best feature-length story it could be. With Jane‘s prowess, he was able to get several studio meetings for it and each studio said yes, until Thomas Jane mentioned a key part — it had to be in 3D! See this was a before Avatar came out and 3D was still viewed as gimmicky, non-commercial and certainly not profitable. But Jane knew better.  Jane believed the story was best told in 3D and it had to be in 3D. Dark Country has now become a fan favorite, playing at this week’s 3D Film Fest in Hollywood followed by a Q&A with the maestro himself.

3D Film Fest

The world’s first 3D Film Festival is back for its third season with a newly redesigned program and a new home at The Los Angeles Film School in Hollywood. The four-day film fest runs Sept 30 – Oct 3.  Presented by RealD and The Los Angeles Film School, the festival is produced by 3D live event pioneer The Dream Factory, and will feature events spread out over five city blocks in the Sunset/Vine district of Hollywood with screenings and red carpet premieres.

Tickets are free for those who friend and follow 3D film fest.

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