Variety’s 3D Entertainment Summit: Is Marchon 3D winning the Eyeglass War?


At Variety’s 3D Entertainment Summit, Marchon 3D shows they figured out how to solve the stigma of 3D. And they did it in a fun, cool, inexpensive way. They’re making the 3D glasses a lifestyle choice. Your phone isn’t just a phone, right? It’s a camera, email, text, games, GPS, calendar, calculator, flashlight and more device. It’s a “smart phone.” Well, with that in mind, Marchon is making “smart glasses.”

Marchon is Your new Lifestyle Brand

Marchon sent me a pair to test out a few days before the Summit. They were regaled as 3D glasses *and* sunglasses. Based on my previous experience, they would probably be mediocre or slightly disappointing in both areas. As luck would have it, my favorite sunglasses disappeared a day after these arrived, so suddenly my rookie Marchon‘s became starting lineup. They didn’t suck. They’re not the specific style I usually wear, they’re bulkier. But personal style preference isn’t their fault. They were perfectly comfortable and did a fine job protecting me from the sun and its evil UV rays.

At the Entertainment Summit, Marchon 3D President David Johnson spoke to me about the future. He showed me many different styles and hinted that they’re working on prescription lens models. Did you hear that? So maybe next year I’ll have one pair of glasses which covers: style, prescription, sun protection and 3D. And my “smart glasses” could be Marchon.

The Right Look, The Right Technology

Who doesn’t love Josh Greer and RealD 3D? I’ve spoken with him, and he’s just humbly re-inventing the wheel. When you see good 3D; clear, sharp images, no shadows, no ricochet, no ghosting, it’s probably RealD 3D. Marchon and RealD 3D have teamed up and that’s good news for the consumer.

The Coolest Thing Ever

I’m outside of the Summit’s hotel, walking along the sidewalk taking a phonecall and I’m wearing my Marchon‘s as sunglasses. After the call, I walk back inside and enter the 3D lounge without thinking to take off the glasses. Now there’s probably 20 flat screens in the room, most of which are showing RealD 3D footage. Damn the “viewing zones”, because as I roll down the aisle, I am seeing 3D image after image popping out into my reality. If I had been driving in a car I would’ve gotten in an accident no doubt. But I was on my feet and grinning wildly. If this is the future, Marchon 3D is making the future very frikkin’ cool!

My Modest Prediction

I go to a lot of these conferences and people wring their arms and talk about what they hope will happen. Marchon’s David Johnson didn’t do that. He knew what’s happening. And he explained how Marchon is surfing that wave now, in 2011 and beyond.

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