Connected Interactive featured at InkTip’s Pitch Summit Sunday Sept 26


Connected Interactive‘s producer Joe Wehinger was chosen to participate in this year’s Inktip Pitch Summit Sunday September 26 2010 at Universal City‘s Hilton ballroom.

InkTip Pitch Summit gives writers the opportunity to personally meet with and pitch an average of 35 different studio, production, agency and representation companies in a single day.

This article is too late to ask aspiring writers to submit to the event, as it’s 12 hours away and the deadline passed weeks ago.  But here’s what we can do, tell you about Producer Joe Wehinger and the projects that Connected Interactive is looking for:

Joe Wehinger graduated from Chapman University’s Dodge Film School in 2001.  His short film, Last Breath starring TV icon Ed Asner, was bought and distributed by the American Civil Liberties Union.  In 2006 Wehinger was inducted into the Directors Guild of America after his directorial debut, starring James Brolin, Joanna Cassidy and Tia Mowry premiered.

Connected Interactive is positioned to produce or acquire up to eight projects in 2011, many of those will be co-financed, marketed and distributed through Connected partnerships.  Distribution avenues include limited theatrical, home video and internet.

Connected Interactive is looking for projects in several genres:

1.  Character-driven thrillers.  Think The Usual Suspects or Reservoir Dogs

2. Female-oriented family films.  Think anything from Weeds to some of the riskier stuff you’d see on Lifetime.

3. Genre heavy web series.  Sci-Fi, action, horror, comedy

If you see Joe, say hello.  He’s usually a pretty friendly guy.  You can send script inquiries to  Please send nothing more than a page.  If you send more than one page, we will automatically delete.  Yes, really.  We need our potential collaboraters to be able to follow directions 🙂

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