To Disney: Would You Put These On Your Child?


I was at a major retail store last week and walked by the girl’s clothing section with my 11 year old daughter when I heard a grandmother saying to her teen-age grandchild, “I would never buy that for you let alone a younger child. It looks like it belongs on a prostitute.”
Surprisingly, the teen ager’s response was,“It looks more like it’s for kiddy porn.”

My daughter was admiring a peace sign t-shirt and didn’t catch the conversation, but it got me thinking. Would I put these lace see through leggings with shorts attached on my daughter?

A similar short outfit recently adorned Dakota Fanning on the cover of a magazine last month (The magazine releases two different covers and one of which had these similar legging style shorts on her) Do girls still look up to her? Would they want these legging style shorts because she’s wearing them? The funny part was that the next month there was commentary by a reader stating how they liked the cover (the second cover that was also released where she was dressed in what they considered very appropriate).

It was funny because they showed the picture of the other cover which she was indeed dressed more conservative. I guess they didn’t see the cover I got in the mail.

As I stood there looking at these particular lace see through leggings with shorts attached I suddenly realized they were by Disney!  Not only that they were being advertised on Sonny Monroe! ( Sonny Monroe is actually Demi Lovato. A teen star contracted by Disney and is the main character of the hit show, Sonny With a Chance. You may also know of her from the movie Camp Rock.) She plays a slightly younger age though on T.V. and in real life she just turned 18 years old in August. If you haven’t heard of her ask any 7-16 year old girl that watches T.V. or listens to music. She also sings and has had some teen music hits.

There I was standing in front of the big Disney Sonny Monroe advertisement now holding these see through lace leggings with shorts attached. I looked over at my daughter who had just turned as I started putting the clothing back on the rack. She came towards me. I knew what I was going to tell her if she asked me if she could have them. She would not like my answer. How could Disney do this? Aren’t these girls supposed to be role models? Aren’t they supposed have some sort of Disney like morals. As she approached me I thought: “Oh crap! Here comes the argument.”

My 11 year old was suddenly right there looking at me with her forehead crinkled, and gave me this reply; “Are you hoping they have ones like that for you in the women’s section? They are too skimpy looking for me. I won’t wear them.”

Take that Disney! And any other skimpy crap you put out for young girls!!!

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