FYF Fest brings alternative laughs; Garofalo, Sklar, Koechner


FYF Fest included a comedy tent featuring Janeane Garofalo, Jen Kirkman, Sklar Brothers, David Koechner and hours more.

FYF Fest prides itself on alternative behavior.  When I first learned of it’s mix with comedy, I was confused.  How well does comedy and music mix?  But as I saw the funny names involved, it becomes obvious.   Alternative is a lifestyle, perspective, sense of self.  Whether you’re rocking, relaxing, dancing or laughing.

Jen Kirkman has a subversive appeal. As she unleashes her punchline a nearby band literally steals her thunder with a slam of percussion.  Her eyes roll, and she continues on.  As every comedian of the day remarks, comedy isn’t as funny on a sunny Saturday afternoon, much less surrounded by live music.  And yet by midday, the comedy tent is jam-packed, and the perimeter is crowded with rows of people 6-8 bodies deep.

Rail thin Matt Besser plays the mood just right.  For his opening, he barely says a word and relies on physical comedy.  The lanky clown distorts himself simply while trying to arrange the microphone stand.  As awkward as he gets, his every next move only complexes his situation and brings bigger laughs.

Then there’s Janeane Garofalo. she doesn’t tangle herself in an act or ever strike with a punchline.  No.  She delivers as though she’s just having a conversation with you, and she happens to be your funniest friend. Carrying on about the day’s topics, adding her own sardonic perspective.  But damn is she funny.   Her views continue to be informed, yet unapologetically liberal.  In today’s crowd, she’s preaching to the choir and she hears it getting cheers and “We love you!”during every brink of silence.

At the end, the comedy faded away too soon.  It was a great mix to visit between great music sets.  If only it had lasted through the evening.

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