Adam and Eve where Adam likes boys. Next time? Eve and Eve [Video]


This is a television commercial for something.  Something foreign, for what I am not sure.  I didn’t investigate that far and you probably won’t either.  On second thought, maybe it’s a travel agency?  Video is below.

See…  We start off with a beautiful blonde woman.  Her long locks hiding her lady lumps and well-placed shrubbery hiding her lady bits.  So we have Eve wandering a lush, beautiful Eden like world. She passes a very tempting, delicious apple and keeps going.  Then she runs into Adam, a hot guy with a killer body that would make any straight girl believe this is paradise.  In fact, hot gay is gay… just like the real world?

I have no complaints about the commercial, the hit gay guy or the cute girl.  But…  next time if we’re going to make one of the gay or even bicurious, let’s have two Eve’s.  That’s my brand o’ heaven.


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