Lieutenant Dan’s got Twitter; and he’s doing good with it


Say what you will about social media’s power.  But it’s growing.  It’s becoming more popular and more influential.

Ashton Kutcher, Hugh Hefner, Chelsea Handler, Ryan Seacrest.  Like them or hate them, they’re each successful and using Twitter for their advantage.

Now we get to Lieutenant Dan, aka Gary Sinise.  Yes, we kid him about Forrest Gump.  We’ve met the guy, and he’s a good sport about all of it.  But here’s the important part: He’s not a Kardashian, nor The Situation.  He’s a respected actor.

The CSI:NY lead actor is trained, and let’s face it: he’s an amazingly talented guy.  He’s definitely not one who resides in gossip magazines, probably hasn’t made a sex tape (but if you’re interested wink-wink), or anything less than his craft.  Again, he’s respectable.

And yet here he is toting 50,000 + new followers.  And a thank you!  With that kind of modesty and gratitude, he’ll be nearing Seacrest’s million in no time.

Sinise formed the Gary Sinise Charitable Foundation.  He and his band Lt. Dan Band have toured with USO.  Sinise has used his fame to bring awareness and help to many worthy causes, one we’re very familiar with is Iraq Star.

Send him a note and say thank you!

Gary Sinise’s Twitter

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