Wind-blown Hasselhoff: Not even Norton Hassles the Hoff [VIDEO]


There are so many interesting things about this.  First off, David Hasselhoff doesn’t appear to be drunk in any of these commercials.  When does that happen?  Second, Norton Antivirus hired David Hasselhoff?  Why?  Third, The Hoff is really romancing an oscillating fan?  What?  And fifth, what is he wearing?

Videos are below.  A 30-second spot and a 60-second spot.

The Hoff plays villainous foil to an oscillating fan all for the re-assurance of Norton Antivirus. I feel as though my MacBook Pro would discard The Hoff and his less-than-charming flirtations without a second thought.  But then again, since when does a Mac need Norton?  Fair enough.



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