Story Expert Truby hosts Back to School Writing Contest


Hollywood’s A-list story expert John Truby will honor the millions of students going back to school this fall.  Truby‘s holding a special contest and will be rewarding several winners with hundreds of dollars worth of screenwriting software and research books including action, comedy, romance and other genres.

Says Truby “The key to good storytelling is to master your craft. Professional writers use fundamentally different techniques than other writers. If you learn the professional techniques, along with the tricks of your genre, you will be a successful screenwriter.”

To enter the contest is easy, using social media platform Twitter, simply friend Truby on one of his accounts, and re-tweet his contest message.

You can find John Truby on twitter at @TrubyScifi @TrubyRomance and @JohnTruby.  You can also find more information at his Facebook pages: Truby Writer Studio, Truby Scifi Writing and Truby Love Story.

While some of the best films schools in the world, such as USC, UCLA, American Film Institute, Chapman University, are located in Southern California, Truby’s contest extends worldwide and to students of all ages.

“We want to help anyone in the world who is studying writing, screenwriting, and storytelling of any genre. These screenwriting prizes will definitely help you,” Truby explains confidently.

To enter Story Expert Truby’s Back to School contest: Follow and re-tweet the contest messages from: @TrubyScifi @TrubyRomance @JohnTruby

Contest winners will receive hundreds of dollars worth of screenwriting software and research books including: Action, Comedy Detective, Crime and Thriller, Horror, Fantasy and Sci-Fi, Love Story, Masterpiece, Memoir, Myth, Story Development, Sit-Com, Dramatic TV.

To friend and follow Truby’s Writing Studio:

Truby’s Romance writing website
Truby’s Romance Facebook page
Truby’s  Romance Writing Twitter page

Truby’s SciFi writing website
Truby’s SciFi Facebook page
Truby’s  SciFi Writing Twitter page

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