Ghostbuster Ray Parker Jr reveals ‘Bustin Makes Him Feel Good’ [VIDEO]


When it comes to the world of unique, sometimes silly and certainly immature stuff, it was a slow news day.  How do you know how we know?

Because we’re posting a music video of some black guy (the incomparable Ray Parker Jr) singing to a white woman (we have no idea, do you?) in her 1980’s-style sexy underwear?  Granted yes, it’s the Ghostbusters Theme song.  And yes, you can never say no to bustin’ ghosts.  Add to that, the over-emphasized neon, the Ghostbuster movie clips, the appearance of the actual cast; and cameos by starving-to-be-cool-again actor friends.  Chevy ChaseDanny DeVito.  Really?  Really??!  Oh, who am I kidding?  Bill Murray is in this.  And I’d beg to publish any article that contain Bill Murray.  Reality, Bill Murray cannot be contained.

The Ghostbusters song went on to be Oscar-nominated for Song of the Year and actually won the Grammy for the same award later that year.  Some time later Huey Lewis of Huey Lewis and the News sued for plagiarism stating the song was a ripoff of their hit “I wan a New Drug“.  They settled out of court and both agreed to never publicly discuss it again for fear of embarassment.


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