'Son of a Gun' Brings Blues to Sunset Strip Music Fest


Energy is high at the Whiskey on Sunset Strip as the stage fills with Son of a Gun‘s 8 members.  Just previous, the crowd rocked down the street at Slash’s opening night tribute.  Cheers and shouts come from the excited crowd and now our soulful ensemble is ready!

Son of a Gun brings a bluesy-folksy tone to the evening.  The group is clad in jeans, flannels and cowboy hats, sans the lone female who is in a tight black outfit that looks downright painful to wear.

Emma Jean” starts us off.  A twangy number, presenting a contrast from the rest of the rocking festival.  It’s different, light and fun.  “Better Alone” has a screechier tone, several in the audience compare our singer’s voice to a young Axl Rose.  By “Elizabitch“, the group’s uniqueness is revealed.  As songs rotate, so do the singers.  Vocalists Jesse Forte, Seth Romano (also percussion), Dustin Boeh, Michelle Monica each offer different sensibilities.  With each song comes a different lead vocalist and brings a different tone for each song.

According to their bio, Son of a Gun (formerly D’sturba) is a collective of rock musicians known on the Sunset Strip. Members of several bands, such as Cast of Kings, The Shrill & Bolt Action Thrill, come together as one whose specialities range from hair raising vocals to hard hitting quality rock n’ roll.  Whether they are performing a rock/blues unplugged set or an in-your-face live performance, Son a Gun creates infectious music.

The strings behind the words are brought in by Cristian D’sturba (Bass), Omar Gusmao, Luke Powers and Zak St. John on drums.  It was a special night for D’sturba as he wrote song “Ola Hudson” in honor of Slash’s mother, so to perform at a festival honoring his friend Slash made the great gig all the better.  The crowd-pleasing group ended their set high with fan favorites “Papas’ Got A Brand New Bag” and “With A Little Help From My Friends

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