Breaking Bad Emmy Winner Bryan Cranston visits Celebrity Liar with Rich Eisen [VIDEO]


Multiple Emmy winning TV star Bryan Cranston squares off again ESPN’s sportster Rich Eisen in Celebrity Liar hosted by Andrew Hill Newman; with Valerie Azlynn bringing in fan comments and questions. Video is below.

When you first saw Malcolm in the Middle, you might have thought he’d be forever Hal.  Then upon Breaking Bad, you only see Walter White.  This is the true artistry that is performer Bryan Cranston.  Because today he’s standing only a few feet away, laughing (as he does quite often) and twirling his newly-grown menacing moustache. And he’s a hell of a lot of fun.

The game has both celebrities making up a version of a similar story, only one of which is true.  Each round the audience at home votes.  A third “lightning round” has both celebs telling a series of trivia pieces about themselves, some of which are also false.  Points are accrued throughout all three rounds when one of the lies is believed.

Superfan Donny M

We begin as Hill Newman reaches into his “Bowl of Stories”.  The title of the first round is “Superfan” and both celebs tell stories associated with New York Yankee legend Don Mattingly.  Watching Cranston tell his version is a masterpiece.  His eyes light up as if he’s at a campfire and you quickly realize this man could embody any character.  Let the networks make a deal where Cranston guest leads every show for an episode.  House, Glee, Big Bang Theory, even Family Guy.  He could be the next American Idol judge and save the entire franchise.

Something Wild

The second story brought a very different tone, including a dinner with friends, some drinks and a wild experience with a dog. Here Rich Eisen‘s low key demeanor was the perfect supplement.  Just solemn enough to be serious, but a glimmer behind his eyes tells you he might just crack up at any given minute. Sport fan or not, catch his work as he’s entertaining with or without a nearby sporting event.

OT Clap-Clap-Clap

In what might be a Celebrity Liar first, the lightning round went overtime, yes the opposition was just that strong.  And from a selfish point of view, it was just too much fun to end.  We quickly learn about Cranston‘s family names, Eisen‘s reaction to alcohol and which one of them has ordered fast food while naked.

All For a Good Cause.

Both celebrities played for a $34,000,000 lottery jackpot with an undisclosed portion of the proceeds going to their respective charities.  Bryan Cranston supports National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.  While Rich Eisen proudly represents Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

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