PREVIEW: F— Yeah Fest (FYF) rocks Downtown LA Sat Sept 4 [VIDEO]


Originally called Fuck Yeah Fest.  Then the demure F— Yeah Fest.  And now simply FYF Fest is anything but quiet and is certain to live up to it’s original name after 6 years of rocking the ground.

With bands including The Rapture, Panda Bear, Abe Vigoda, Wavves, 7 Seconds, The Mountain Goats….  Ya know what: just buy the tickets now.  Do yourself the favor and thank me on Saturday.

FYF brings out the best of Los Angeles’ underground music scene and fills Downtown LA’s State Historic Park with 10,000+ friendly people cheering a quirky collection of avant-punk, electronic and noise artists to the indie masses.

If you’re someone who prides themselves on moving to the beat of a different drummer.  Or just veering from the status quo for a day, please report to the ticket booth immediately and receive your medicine in the form of a ticket.

Case of the Ha-Ha’s

And yes, there’s comedy too.  Janeane GarofaloDavid KoechnerThe Sklar Brothers.  And over a dozen others who will be there to tickle your funny bone or massage your humor glands.

I need my fix!

How do you get tickets?  Glad you asked:


VIP Ticket holders must be 21+ and will receive access to the VIP Lounge located between the two main stages. The VIP Lounge includes top shelf liquor and a wide selection of beer at bar prices, plenty of shade which makes a perfect place to relax at the festival and food trucks exclusive to this area. The VIP Lounge is hosted by our good friends, the Cha Cha Lounge, the best bar in L.A.

I need it.  I want it.  Get me my tix now!!

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FYF FEST 2009 from CATJAM Studio on Vimeo.