Tom Mark Wong's Curve Appeal feat. Michele Brickman


I don’t know about you, but whenever I flip through the latest fashion magazines all I seem to see are pretty, skinny, tall girls with pale faces and no curve. I mean none. No breasts, no shape. It’s just tall thin pale girls who seem to adorn all the magazines. When I was invited by Tom Mark Wong of Mark Wong Nark Label to a shoot being photographed by the amazing and current Tony Franco with some fall looks of Tom’s, I wondered what was in store for me. Was it a skinny tall model in his fall line?  Tom and I had become good friends and he knew I was looking out for something different. I was more than surprised.

When I got to the shoot at a beautiful Beverly Hills Home I was greeted by Tom and led to a bathroom which I could close my eyes and see myself in. With a tranquil tub and décor with me soaking in a warm bubble bath I lost myself in the moment. Tom quickly snapped me out of my day dream and introduced me to the beautiful Michele Brickman. This gal was not a day dream.

As Michele Brickman sat in a chair with the fall leggings designed by Tom (that can make you look 10lbs lighter might I add) I watched Michele get her makeup done by another Michelle a Michelle Jones. What did I notice first about Michele Brickman besides her dog Bailey by her side being so cute and playful? CURVES!!! Sexy, wonderful, curves! She has an hour glass figure that I can compare to that of Kim Kardashian or Pamela Anderson, with a strong personality to boot. She’s not fake or insincere. She’s the real deal.

I immediately started in on my questions:
“Where did you grow up?” I asked
“Beverly Hills.” She answered
“It doesn’t define who I am.” Said Michele.
She went on to explain that she grew up normal. Her parents, though owning their own business, worked hard to get where they were at, and had her doing chores growing up as well as having dinner together at the table as a family. She also told me she tended to be a private person and doesn’t believe in false representation. She wants to make her father proud. Tom told me the same and said she was his fall muse.
“My celebrities are my clients” stated Tom.
I then asked Michele, “Why does Tom Mark Wong love you and want you to model his clothes?”
“He gets me and his clothes are form fitting and tailor made to fit me.”
She said that modeling his clothes was like playing dress up like a little kid and is fun. Michele feels her best features are her eyes and her shoulders. I not only thought she was a breath of fresh air, but had a lot of great features.
The single 5’4” gal told me when asked about men, that she’s looking for a strong, independent, wicked smart, sexy guy who must love dogs. We both nodded our heads up and down in agreement.
Michele normally is working in accounting for the family business, but has enjoyed stepping in the modeling world. As I watched Michele begin to pose for her shoot I saw a woman in the moment, taking it all in. Watch out fashionista’s for the fresh new face of Michele Brickman!
Photographer: Tony Franco

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