Celebrity Liar: Marla Sokoloff vs Judy Greer in @TheRoomLive

Photos By: Mike Tabolsky

On this week’s Celeb Liar, TV and film stars Marla Sokoloff and Judy Greer face off with host Andrew Hill Newman.  The actresses will tell stories and answer questions, but the home viewer decides whom is the liar.  Link to video is below.

She’s taller than you might’ve expected.  And about as giggly.  The last time I saw Judy Greer, she was opposite David Duchovny in TV’s Californication.  Right now she’s innocently picking through a candy bowl inches away from me and I’m pretending not to notice.  “Pretending not to notice” is my game of the evening while surrounded by these two beautiful women.

The Room Live stage is nestled in the heart of Hollywood and tonight, due to weather, it’s a sweat box.  As the stage name implies, the show is live and so as the clocks ticks toward 7:30pm, the energy amps up.  Host, guests, crew and studio audience all politely occupy the same space and are working through the heat.  But both actresses, who seem to be old friends, laugh, giggle and chat up until the magic moment.  Host Andrew Hill Newman, a prolific tv writer and producer as well as a character actor whose face you recognize from many shows, has a calmness about him.  He starts ribbing the actresses during the sound check.

The whole vibe feels more like a family picnic than some stiff production.  And that’s exactly how they want it.  The show’s fun translates on-screen and people following along can comment and join in that contagious fun.

The game is simple.   Newman introduces a story that really happened to one of the evening’s two guests.  However, both guests tell their version of the story and will answer some follow-up questions in efforts to persuade the audience it’s really their story.  Then the audience decides which celebrity is the liar.  After two rounds, the third is a lightning round where the guests answer “true” or “lie” to various accusations.

Take a look below.  Whatcha think?

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