Clearly only uncivilized British People get in Fights [VIDEO]


We know what you’re thinking.  You’re wrong, but it’s okay, we thought it too at first.  Much like you, we thought this domestic-violence commercial from London’s Metropolitan Police was tragic, poignant and interactive.  And if you want to give kudos, go right ahead.  Video is below.

However, after watching it several dozen more times, here’s what we’ve found.  It’s anti-tourism and definitely anti-London.  I mean, all you hear are those annoying voices between hits, punches and kicks.  Why would you want to visit (much less live there) and willingly submit yourself to that auritory angst?

Then there’s the gimmie.  The neighbor’s house is ridiculous.  That wallpaper?  And since we’re astute, we realize socio-economic tie-in’s, the couple’s house is no better.  So we have poor accents, poor decorating and frankly, not good company.  Welcome to London, eh?


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