Performer Michael B. Levin brings Sinatra to CalPhil Aug 7,8


He looks similar to a modern-day Frank Sinatra and in just a few days, he’s the closest thing the massive Los Angeles crowds will get to the blue-eyed icon. Singer-actor-comic-performer Michael B. Levin is portraying Sinatra in Cal Phil presents “Frank, Tony & The Maestro: Cocktails to Classics” on Saturday, August 7 at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday, August 8 at 2 p.m.

Today his hair is a bit different than his Sinatra tribute press photos, a bit more modernly styled. When he gives certain looks though, his face still holds such a resemblance, you’d think he’s a blood relative to the Hoboken clan. And as Levin indulges me a bit with the voice it’s pure Sinatra, Rat Pack-era.

The consummate artist is excited for the upcoming weekend.   CalPhil is “a big orchestra. The crowd’ll feel it. I’ll definitely feel it. It’s Sinatra. That’s swinging, baby!”

His Sinatra outfit is custom. “Let’s face it, it’s gotta be real, finding the right sharkskin suits nowadays isn’t easy. It’s all researched.” He explains the crowd’s reaction. “Everybody loves the chairman.” Often times after the concert there’s a crowd of Sinatra-era women who come to say hello. “The women don’t treat me as a guy playing him, they treat me as Frank. They’ll tell me their first concert was in New York, 1954, they skipped school. That’s what this is about. Bringing that fun and spirit back. Helping the audience re-live a fun time.”

He launches into a Sinatra vocal sprint that segues into other voices. Cartoon voices, impressions of other famous people ranging from Ray Romano to Brian McKnight and about a thousand others in between. Levin does voices so effortlessly it seems to calm him, just as riffing other music breaks him into a big smile.

As a performer, Levin is comfortable leading the audience through just about anything. He’s toured the world a number of times on stages big and small, to all types of audiences. He’s a renowned singer, but has done stand-up comedy for fun and received great results. “I like the energy a crowd gives me, I’ll do anything for them.” After a few more live gigs, he’s doing just that by starting a new album. Michael B. Levin is headed back into the studio to record more originals. “Some smooth jazz, some R&B; I’m going to have some fun. It’s going to be real good.”

Sinatra’s swinging, baby!

Music lovers throughout Southern California will have the opportunity to experience Levin’s artistry when Cal Phil presents “Frank, Tony & The Maestro: Cocktails to Classics” on Saturday, August 7 at 7:30 p.m. at The Arboretum in Arcadia and at Walt Disney Concert Hall on Sunday, August 8 at 2 p.m. in downtown Los Angeles. Purchase tickets, click here.

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