Los Angeles hidden li'l Gem – The Aboretum


So I got lucky.  After living in Los Angeles for over a decade, last weekend I ended up at the Arboretum.  Before I tell you how, where, why and an assortment of other details.  Let me say this.  It’s worth it, it’s better than you’d expect, and it’d make a great date.  There you go.  (Cuz she’ll think you’re classy.)

Yes, you’re right.  Technically the Aboretum isn’t in Los Angeles.  It’s about 20 minutes east, in Arcadia.  Just passed Pasadena.  But, way I see it, you’re drive 90 minutes to get to Malibu on a weekend, why not go 1/3 the distance for a different kind of trip?

So what’s there?

Depending on the day you go, things change a lot.  Drinking for instance.  Sometimes it’s strongly encouraged.  Sometimes not at all.  But here’s what remains the same.  It’s peaceful.  It’s soul-searching.  It’s an experience that can travel through your body, inspire your thoughts and change your opinion of the moment, day, week, maybe even month.

It can also be a shared experience.  Does your lady like museums?  While this is not, it’s kinda similar.  Is she cultured or do you pretend to be?  If you answered yes, this is the perfect place.

The Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden cultivates natural, horticultural and historic resources for your learning, enjoyment and inspiration.  Go ahead and  explore the paths, discover the unique plants and wildlife.  There’s a very real chance you will have fun on your journey through the 127 acres.

127 acres!  Right?  That’s a lot.  There’s a lot of opportunities to observe, be observed, or God forbid, learn something.

So, check it out already!

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