Swedes Spread Love: Two Week Royal Wedding Celebration


Two royalties and two million people combined during two weeks to celebrate the one love for one wedding and one city. The summer of 2010 is all about Love in Stockholm, Sweden.

Millions of people watched the Crown Princess of Sweden Victoria, future queen to be, marry Prince Daniel on June 19th, 2010. In celebration Stockholm City dedicated itself in the sign of love during the two weeks prior to the wedding, starting on Sweden’s national day on June 6th. A fortnight of festivities arranged for the joys of love along with the capital of Sweden’s engaging culture created an atmosphere we wish to have year round.

A widely arranged program offered hundreds of activities for all ages, with different interests for people living in the city and for tourists as well. Concerts, dancing, exhibits, culture, arts, design, fashion, food and a loving atmosphere filled Stockholm.

At the Stockholm City Museum a love exhibition was specially created for the wedding. The exhibit celebrated couples from the past to our modern couples in a colorful exhibition. The oldest wedding picture the Museum has of a couple is from 1870. Now, 140 years later, hundreds of couples chose to share their wedding days as well, placing their wedding picture on a gigantic frame intertwining past love with present love.

In the US there is always a big buzz when American celebrities are getting married. When Swedish celebrities are getting married there is not a buzz about it at all in Sweden. The fascination Sweden has over their celebrities is not nearly as great as to what Americans have. So when their royalties decide to get married, there is no doubt that a huge celebration has to be made. Imagine the President of the United States getting married after the election… that would be some celebration!

Sweden’s hope was to spread the spirit of love, and so they did with people coming to share the festivities from all around the world. The summer of 2010 continues to share love in Stockholm City.

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