Terry Barber’s The Inspiration Factor – book review


Speaker, Consultant and Chief Inspirator Terry Barber has written a new book, The Inspiration Factor, which every leader, aspiring leader, employer and frankly anyone who wants more out of their collaborators should read.

When The Inspiration Factor arrived on my doorstep, I was thrilled as admittedly it’s in one of my favorite interest ranges: self-help, inspirational and motivational.  But here’s the problem:  I’m a Seth Godin fan, a Marcus Buckingham fan, a Daniel Pink fan.  Can Terry Barber stand up to Godin, Buckingham or Pink?

The Good Stuff

Terry Barber comes across as a guy you’d want to spend time with.  And the book feels very first-person, as though you’d met him for lunch.

After a good seminar or speaker, I would jump at the chance for some extra time with him.  Here Barber allows just that.  He sits down with you, tells you stories and encourages you to become the best you can be.

Through his pages, Barber lays out his seven principles clearly and patiently; and behind each he suggests several exercises to help you learn and practice these new ideas. Barber gives you realistic steps for implementing these ideas in your life.

Shows You How

Anyone can share good ideas.  Few people share great ideas.  Barber takes this one step further; he shares great ideas and offers you ways to fully absorb them as well as practice them.  If you’re humble or modest enough to complete each exercise you’re better off.

The Bad Stuff

I’m a slow reader; and I’m indulgent.  Worst of all, I’ve become such a blog reader that I have a hard time reading content that more than about 500 words in any one sitting.  Surprisingly, I buzzed through the first 130 pages in about three days.  However it took a full week to finish the last 20 pages.  Why?

Part of me says I didn’t want it to end so I drug it out.  More practically, I found these last pages to be much more dense.  More information, more ideas.

Author Terry Barber seems to be a bit of a religious guy.  He might even consider himself more than “a bit”.  I’m not, so when he brings up parables and other religious talk, it left me out.  He’s honest about his beliefs and I’m sure a part of his audience relates to that aspect of him.  It’s not “too religious.”

Why You might Buy this Book

Do you need to lead or inspire a group of people?  Regardless as to the function, industry or goal, this book might be able to help you.  Are you currently frustrated with yourself or others? If so, this is one of the more gentle inspirational / motivational books I’ve read.  Lastly, if you like Seth Godin, Marcus Buckingham, or Daniel Pink and are curious of a slightly different taste, Terry Barber’s The Inspiration Factor is a great option.

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