Canadians BEG: Please come visit us [VIDEO]


I’ve been to Canada.  Good place.  Very clean.  Very polite.  But Canada’s Tourism Commission wants you to go too.  So badly, in fact, that they’re installing giant screens in busy areas of big cities to entice you. Below is a video in case you don’t believe it and need proof.

The Canadian Tourism Commission has set up big (8′ x 10′) interactive Twitter walls outdoors in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City in the hopes that Americans will see just how fun Canada is by the way people tweet about it. Whether your in one of these cities or not, if you’re an American (of the south of the Canadian border and north of the Mexican border kind), you can enter a contest for a free trip up north by following @keep_exploring, and replying to the account with your dream Canadian vacation.

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