Blocking and Bridging is Winning; and more from Smith Publicity


Once again we’re tapping into the professional well of knowledge that is Smith PublicitySmith Publicity‘s Account Manager Kristi Hughes offers Smith clients insight and preparation tips from her years of experience in Publicity and Public Relations on how to prepare for a media interview.  Below she continues on media tactics:

“The most common mistake committed in interviews is to become so fixated on the questions that you lose sight of your own agenda points and become a passive respondent. Don’t feel obliged to answer every question specifically. The most effective spokespeople listen for the bigger issue behind each question, and address that issue as they choose. This is done through the technique of “blocking and bridging.”

Use the art of blocking and bridging to stay on track with your own message points and to taking control of the interview. Typically in a non-argumentative, friendly interview environment an appropriately positioned answer will lead the reporter in the direction, which you’d like to go.

They are there to gather facts and sound bites and ultimately share your story with their audience. A reporter just wants to file a great story using your uniquely crafted colorful messages; it’s a win-win.

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