Authors! Celebrate your Independence Day. More book myths explained by Smith – Part 5


With 4th of July coming up this weekend we thought it would be appropriate to highlight self-published or independent authors.  You’ve spent months and years working on your piece.  You’ve fought the battle, defeated your naysayers and are ready for the next step.  Promoting your book.  But you have a sinking feeling that it may harder than you thought.  Are the rumors true?  Is it harder to promote a self-published book?

Coming from Dan Smith, CEO/Founder of Smith Publicity:

Myth: A self-published book will never get coverage by a national newspaper or TV show—Ten years ago … maybe so, but now, things have changed, significantly. Self-published authors are routinely interviewed on national TV shows; my firm books them every week! Newspapers, magazines, and radio … for the most part, the media doesn’t care how a book was published, as long as the topic is relevant, the book professionally designed, and the author can provide solid information. When it comes to book reviews, your self-published book will indeed not be reviewed in the New York Times or other major review outlets, but you and your book can be featured in those same outlets via print interviews, feature stories, etc.

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