Authors ask Smith Publicity: what is 20/2/20/2 message?


Recently several @SmithPublicity Twitter followers had the chance to ask Smith Publicity‘s experts a few questions.  The askers were a mixture of published authors, self-published authors, aspiring authors, artists and small publishers.  Many topics were touched upon.  One question that has come up since the Q & A was:

What is the 20/2/20/2 message?

We go to Smith Publicity‘s Account Manager Kristi Hughes for the answer.  She offers Smith clients insight and preparation tips from her years of experience in Publicity and Public Relations on how to prepare for a media interview.

So Kristi, what is the 20/2/20/2 message?

“Be able to tell your message in 20 seconds, 2 minutes, 20 minutes and/or 2 hours.”

So I guess the moral of the story is be able to tell your message in different styles, formats and, obviously, time lengths.  Be it a radio interview, a television interview, a book signing or  in front of a seated audience, each opportunity brings with it a difference level of attention and a different mindset.

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