Tom Mark Wong Makes Me Want to Say,“Oh…My… Gosh….”


I met Tom Mark Wong at the shop Tiziana where he was helping his best friend, Tiziana, with the final touches of her new shop. Within minutes of meeting Tom I knew he was a genuine person. His passion for clothing is authentic, and his style is downright sexy.

“I want my designs to show your body more and to show the best of yourself” said Tom That’s exactly what the dresses did when I tried on a few. They will definitely turn heads. “They are timeless and form fitting” Tom told me.

Tom’s dresses have been seen on the Kardashians, Renee Zellweger, Courtney Cox, Tyra Banks, Pamela Anderson, Madonna, and many more. His label is Mark Wong Nark, and as he told me, each dress takes about a week to make. His attention to detail caught my eye, and when I was trying on each dress I realized how relatively comfortable each one was. The dresses accentuated my curves and hugged my tush in a good way.

Tom Mark Wong

Tom grew up in the Thai village of Lampang. His mother made embroidered dresses for the wives who had money while his family struggled.  He was always fascinated with his mom’s dress making. Tom did graduate from Thailand’s Chiang Mai University in 1974. Later, he moved to the United States where his brother was and followed his passion by enrolling in L.A.’s Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. After four years he was selling his dresses to boutiques.

“I don’t call myself a fashion designer. I’m a wonderful dress maker” Tom explained. I call him brilliant. Sexy and simplicity as he put it is what makes his designs. “They are not loud, but they speak” says Tom in a kind manner.

His dresses I tried on all spoke to me. They said, “Take us home with you!”

His dresses can be found in other shops as well, but he is concentrating right now on Tiziana’s shop.  You can see that the two of them are focused and positive in the way they think. Tom and Tiziana have known each other and worked together for more than twenty years and when it comes to fashion they are a match made in heaven.

When I was leaving after our after my interview with Tom Mark Wong I felt like I had made a friend. He does that. He makes you feel sexy, embraced, and really good, and his dresses do exactly the same.

You can find Tom Mark Wong’s dresses at Tiziana at 1766 N. Vermont Ave. L.A. CA 90027
Ph. 323-663-3370
You can also visit his website at

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