Walt Disney Concert Hall presents "America The Beautiful"


An Orchestra like no other.  When someone thinks of “Disney”, the first thing that comes to your mind is magic, and on Sunday June 27th, 2010 it was just that.

America The Beautiful was a compilation of patriotic pieces being performed by the orchestra. The concert was an experience itself.

Award winning Musical conductor Victor Vener, did a fantastic job in making the audience in tuned and interactive with the orchestra. The surrounding was bright and lively with Vener asking the audience to participate by clapping their hands while “Hands Across The Sea” was being performed. He also made it a priority to give the audience an origin and summary of each piece being performed, which gave the audience a chance to vision as well as hear the pieces being recited.

Perhaps the biggest surprise was when multi platinum recording artist/actor Brian McKnight came on stage to perform with the “Lincoln Portrait “with the orchestra. The piece was about Abraham Lincoln, with McKnight narrating all the values that Lincoln stood for along with democracy, while the orchestra performed the piece. It was a very refreshing way to perform. It also helped that McKnight is a celebrity, so there was excitement and eye candy in the theatre as well.

My favorite piece was “Rhapsody in Blue” lead by acclaimed pianist Bryan Pezzone. The piece allowed each section of the orchestra to have their shining moment. I reminded me of a rap battle in a way.

In general America The Beautiful, was not your average old school grand fathers theatre concert. It was fresh because it had a twist; it gave the audience a chance to participate in the music, therefore allowing everyone to create magic that day.

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