Life other than Oprah. More book myths explained by Smith – Part 3


I admit it.  I’ve never watched Oprah.  Not once.  And if she told me to buy something, I wouldn’t on principle.  Yet my Mom?  She’d buy anything from her…because it’s Oprah.  I’ve purchased many books from other talk show guests. So let’s talk to the experts at Smith Publicity for their take on it and see who’s right; me or mom:

Coming from Dan Smith, CEO/Founder of Smith Publicity:

Myth: Authors should focus only on the highest level media—This is what I call the “Oprah effect,” and it can destroy an author‘s chances of success. As I often say, an author should swing for the home runs diligently, but at the same time go after ALL media of any size in any location. It’s Book Promotion 101; ignore smaller media at your own peril. A comprehensive publicity campaign is exactly that, comprehensive, including all levels of media. ”

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