Money Can't Buy You Love. More book myths explained by Smith – Part 4


I gotta admit when I heard this one, The Beatles were not first on my list.  But they were my immediate second.  Instead it was a pre-McDreamy Patrick Dempsey. What can I say, I grew up watching cable TV.  What’s more interesting is the idea behind it.  It seems in every industry, maybe even in every situation, throwing money at the problem as an easy solve.  But understanding every detail of your problem is the best way for the most effective solve.  Thoughts?  Let’s throw it over to the experts at Smith Publicity for the complete thought:

Coming from Dan Smith, CEO/Founder of Smith Publicity:

Myth: Pay-per-placement is the best and least expensive route to take—Well, not so fast. Intuitively, yes, it makes sense: Paying only for what you get is logical, you can’t go wrong. Correction … you can go wrong. There are certainly very reputable pay-per-placement firms which do fine work. The key is to carefully evaluate exactly what you will be paying for. In many cases, a retainer-based fee can actually produce results equivalent to a good pay-per-placement arrangement, at much lower cost. Plus, if a publicist is working on multiple projects, his or her attention will naturally be placed on the easier-to-promote title since this is their pay structure.

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