Doctor + Therapist+ Support Group= DTS, Author Stacey Lane helps


In order for someone to successfully treat depression, one has to have the tools in order to do so. You cannot do it alone. Author Stacey Lane shows us the various people and tools that Skinny Miss S. had to have in order to overcome depression. Skinny had a good support group that consisted of Lonely Miss C. and the Misses. Whenever Skinny felt like she couldn’t really unlock the door out of her mental illness, her support group was always there to reassure and encourage her.

Apart from having a strong support group, one also needs a doctor to be able to accurately diagnose the illness and be able to give you the type of drugs that one needs in order succeed. In the book, Smarty Dr. W. gave Skinny a cocktail of drugs in order to help her mind function better.

The last door that one needs, and was also the most important tool in the book for Skinny Miss S., was therapy. The root of tackling depression is by gaining self acceptance first. This is usually done through a series of sessions with the therapist. Skinny Miss S. had to dig deep down in her childhood with Merry Miss Humm in order to find the root to her problem, and hence remember, suffer and gain forgiveness for her to move on.
Depression is an illness that creeps on an individual slowly, so it will not take just one day to overcome it. It’s a process, but with the right commitment and tools, it will result in depression treated successfully (DTS).

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