What About Radio? And other Book Myths revealed by Smith Publicity Part 1 of 5


Connected Interactive is always looking for strong ways to expand.  Recently Risa has been investigating web series for a project we’re doing this fall.

But with the non-new advent of on-line publishing and newer tools like the Kindle and iPad, we appreciate the written word and the publishing industry.  And that’s how we found our East Coast buddies Smith Publicity.  They’re globally praised and seem to know their stuff.  So, let’s read over their shoulder and learn:

Coming from Dan Smith, CEO/Founder of Smith Publicity:

“There are many misconceptions about book publicity; some a result of misunderstanding of the dynamics of media exposure, and some from outdated advice which no longer applies to today’s market.”

Myth: Radio interviews don’t sell books—Radio interviews certainly don’t always sell books, but they often do, sometimes many books. It depends on the topic and the skill of the guest being interviewed. Also, radio interviews follow what I call a “cumulative effect.” Put simply, the more you do the more you will start to see books move. Picture a map on your wall, and pins stuck in the location of every interview you complete. The more pins on that map, the more likely you’ll see a cumulative effect, and see books starting to move.”

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