Depression comes in Different Forms without even noticing – Skinny Miss. S. Was very Depressed by Author Stacey Lane


Before reading Skinny Miss S. Was Very Depressed, I thought depression basically meant being in a very low state of life emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and physically. Through the book, Author Stacey Lane shows us that Depression is more than just a diagnosis. It first starts with the voices which can be both positive as well as negative ones trying to talk you in and out of various predicaments. The voices can lead to feeling guilty, memory lose and then duplicity. Those characteristics can lead one to have Anxiety Disorder, which is usually the first diagnostic criterion for depression.

There are numerous other characteristics depression can have that Lane enlightens us with. Skinny Miss S. also had to battle through another diagnostic criterion for depression, which is Delusional Disorder. As Skinny was facing countless phases that depression can have, she kept trying to find out what was truly wrong with her until she went to seek professional help.

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