Skinny Miss S. Was Very Depressed by Stacey Lane: Book Review- In my Thoughts


Skinny Miss S. Was Very Depressed is a book written and illustrated in order to capture and enlighten the minds of people that don’t really know much of clinical depression through bold letters and colorful illustrations.

Author Stacey Lane gives you a step by step summary of each stage and diagnosis when dealing with depression. With so many different illustrations in the book, it makes it easy to focus on the challenges that Skinny Miss S. faces while trying to understand as well as find herself in the process.

In the book, Skinny Miss S. has all sorts of imaginary friends talking to her while she’s in her dark and low state of mind. Some of the characters are positive, while some are negative. But Skinny’s most influential character was the cute soft spoken doll, Lonely Miss C. From the tough times to the breakthrough for Skinny, Lonely Miss C. was always there even when skinny was too stubborn to listen to the dolls’ good advice. As much as Lonely Miss C. tried to help Skinny overcome her depression, there was always something pulling her back mentally. A negative character that Skinny Miss S. faced was Sir Grouchy Spider. It became most evident, when Skinny started to receive therapy from a psychiatrist, and Spider would say negative things like “this is so pathetic, can we go home now.”

By having completely opposite characters that were trying to sway Skinny in different directions, Author Stacey Lane shows how depression can have so many paths. You can either look the disease in the eye and battle it, or just fold under the dark pressure and let the depression consume you.

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