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When I first walked in the sexy shop, Tiziana I was enthralled. When I met Tiziana who is; of course the owner I was impressed. Her shop recently opened in March and carries a variety of clothing and accessories, by different designers. Some of the designer clothing and accessories that adorn her shop are by such designers as Tom Mark Wong (who is also Tiziana’s best friend and has clothing and dresses there), Division E (clothing), Lisa Freede (accessories), Nicole Richie (accessories), Lucy B (bath, body, and make-up), Enza Costa (clothing), L.A.M.B. by Gwen Stefani, and Moni Moni (purses). These are just some of the designers in her shop.

Tiziana isn’t just the owner; she’s also a stylist and has been for over 20 years. In the past she has dressed famous people like Madonna, Drew Barrymore, and Sarah Michelle Gellar just to name a few.

Tiziana-Connected-Interactive-Julia-Donovan-Toma -Mark-Wong
Connected’s Julia Donovan in Toma Mark Wong dress. Mark Wong Nark Label

Tiziana was born in Naples, Italy, speaks fluent Italian, and moved to the U.S. when she was a toddler. Hermother was a great influence on her and as a seamstress owned a shop on the same street years ago that Tiziana’s shop now resides. Her mother, Flora isn’t far away. The family has an Italian restaurant right across from Tiziana’s shop called, IL Capriccio.

Tiziana’s shop is not like the others on Vermont Ave. in Los Angeles.  “There was a void in the area. No one was doing this” she said.

She is meaning the type of styles you see in her shop. She has skinny pants, tops, dresses, rings, necklaces, purses, and more. She has clothing made with organic material as well.  The styles are different from many other shops in the area.  The colors you mostly see are black, white, grays, and brown with pops of bright color here and there that accentuate the shop and Tiziana knows how to show you what looks good on you.

Whether you’re looking to layer, want something simple and sexy or something with an edge Tiziana’s shop is a niche place to shop. Her grand opening is officially on June 4th and in upcoming weeks there will be free makeovers’. Call for details. However; you can come enjoy the candle lit ambiance and shop with an honest stylist on hand anytime.

Tiziana is located at 1766 N. Vermont Ave. L.A. CA. 90027 Ph. (323) 663-3370.

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