3D Gaming Summit – Bono Begs for 3D


This it out of order, I apologize,  Truth be told, this was my very first experience as I entered Variety‘s 3D Gaming Summit last week.  Looking around.  Some staring, some rubber-necking, but what I’m about to describe is what sealed the  deal for me.  What made me decid that 3D is going to be a powerhouse.

Some anonymous guy started a conversation with me.  At first I barely noticed that there was a TV monitor behind him.  Then as the guy was talking, Bono of U2 literally pulls out of the screen, over Anonymous Guy’s shoulder and begins singing to me.

Dramatic?  Yes.  Memorable?  Hell yeah.  Did it really happen?  100%  Enough that I backed away from the guy, pulled out my camera and snapped this pic to help me remember the exact moment.

Imagine you’re at home watching a concert on TV and the rock star protrudes 3 feet out and practically onto your lap.  No 3D glasses or goggles needed.  The technology is here.  Get excited.

There were great topics, click here to access an ever-growing list.

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