3D Gaming Summit – Lunch with 3D Director Paul W.S. Anderson


A confession.  I’m not a big fan of Paul W. S. Anderson’s work.  And I’m not the only one.  His stories are often muddled at best.  His characters are often cardboard.  And he married his leading lady (well…can’t say I blame him on that one).

Now here’s the worst part.  In person, he comes across charming, funny, modest, intelligent and passionate.  So it seems like he’s a good guy who you’d want to hang out with or work with, but maybe he just doesn’t make appealing projects.

Among his first words on stage: “3D was a gimmick, but that has changed recently […] now what’s good for 3D in movies is good for games.  It sucks you in more.”

The filmmaker finessed about cinema’s history, “It feels like we’re following the trend.  First sound wrapped around you with surround sound.  Now the visual is.  It’s similar to the introduction of color photography.  An extra dimension that makes things more interesting.”

Host Bob Dowling then managed to maneuver quickly through Anderson’s career, touching on only a few key spots before delving into his recent 3D work of production on Resident Evil Afterlife, his newest all-3D shot feature film.

His production shot entirely on big, bulky 3D cameras and they’re editing on Avid’s first-ever 3D software.  “We’re working on such a cutting edge that sometimes it feels like the bleeding edge.  I work all day in 3D and then I go home and have to watch 2D, I hate [2D] now.”

There were great topics, click here to access an ever-growing list.

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