Jon Stewart? Sodomy? Bernie Goldberg? Gospel Choir joins in [video]


I view Jon Stewart as a good friend who lives out of town.  I don’t seem him all the time.  Maybe one weekend a month.  But when I do it’s 48 hours of funny.  He’s always been politically-centric, but of course his Daily Show has really brought that theme to the forefront and he’s excelled with it.  Today is no exception.  He likes his playful feuds; and what’s wonderful is that very serious politicians taken him equally very serious.

Today the distinguished gentlemen Bernie Goldberg is not in the cross-hairs.  But rather he’s the bully that Stewart must continue to defend himself from.  During a visit to Bill O’Reilly, Goldberg delivered conservative cuts against the comedian.  Many insults were issued, but among the worse was saying Jon Stewart is less funny than Jay Leno.  Let’s be clear, no one is less funny than Leno.  Video is below.

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