Dresses, and Purses, and Sunglasses…Oh My!


Greetings my fellow fashion lovers. My name is Julia Donovan and I am the new Fashion Columnist for Connected Interactive. In upcoming weeks I am going to be bringing to you news about local fashion designers, fashion that’s hot, as well as ways to find bargains.

As I sit here at my local coffee house I look at the different people walking in. I’m not staring them down or anything, that would be rude, but I am glancing to see what they are wearing. I realize in today’s economy many of us have had to scale back on certain commodities. (I write this as I sit here with my $3.00 cup of coffee.) That’s my point though. There are certain things we don’t or won’t give up. Fashion is one of them. Why should we give it up? Fashion, I feel, is what we put on in the morning that can set the mood for the whole day.

My motto: Stay positive. Negativity only brings more negativity.

This holds true in everyday life, as well as fashion. What you wear can make you feel confident, positive, show some style, and of course; some personality.

I’m a wife, a mom of a tween and teen, a writer, and part time model. I have published poetry, and am currently working on a children’s book. I didn’t finish college but I feel I have plenty of life experience and have learned a great deal from it. I am not perfect, but I am real. I am passionate about what I do and what I love. I truly love fashion and writing.

Fashion is art that can let you see a little into someone’s soul. It’s one’s own interpretation of style. You can spend a lot or a little and still look great. There are so many things one can do when it comes to fashion at any income level. Pairing up a pair of your old favorite jeans with an amazing top, and brand new pair of shoes can make a huge difference.

With so many local fashion designers out there with whom I will surely meet, I will be able to give you a variety of niches to salivate over. I will appeal to every size and gender. Whether it’s a hot dress that won’t quit, sunglasses that make you strut or that purse that’s worth every penny, let me show you what’s out there!  Follow me; as I bring you fashion with pictures, and video, and opinion….Oh My!

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